Handy Wardrobe Organization Ideas

Handy Wardrobe Organization Ideas

Not enough drawers or shelves to accommodate your wardrobe?

There are a few cool tips and tricks that can be used to make the most out of small spaces. The following are a few ideas that may be helpful.

Separate the clutter:

Being short on space can sometimes force you to mix your socks in with your shorts and T-shirts which doesn’t always work out so swell. One tried-and-true method for sorting out the clutter is to use dividers that can be purchased or made yourself. Supporting the dividers can be accomplished by using small screws or attaching Velcro so that they can be removed in the future if need be.

Utilize additional space:

Consider using the space that is available behind the door to your bedroom as well as the front and rear of your wardrobe door. There are a few products available that hook onto the door, making it possible to organize shoes, jackets and even headgear in the otherwise wasted vertical space.

Other additional space to can be utilized is beneath the bed. This works great for storing seasonal clothes that are still worn but not needed in the immediate future. Jewelry and other knickknacks that have found their way into your wardrobe can also be stored under the bed. Vacuum packaging and low-profile containers serve very well for this purpose.

Shoe boxing your boxers:

Don’t waste the shoeboxes that you may have available. You can label them and store dress socks, fitness gear, underwear and even dress ties in a nice and convenient fashion. The boxes can come in handy and be repurposed over and over again, for as long as they will last.

Rack up your foot gear:

Having a pile of shoes accumulated along the baseboard of our wardrobe is something that many of us can truly relate to. It can look very junky over time. A cool solution would be to make use of the low-profile multi-level racks that are available for organizing shoes in small spaces. It is also possible to make your own using materials that you may already have on hand around the house.

modern dressing room with parquet floor

Make room with rods:

The area where your wardrobe hangs may be much larger than you think. By adding an additional rod or two it is possible to neatly fit more into what seems to be less space. Quite commonly dress shirts, sweaters and other upper wear is crammed on the same rod as lower wear like dress pants, jeans etc. Pro Wardrobes – a Sydney built-in wardrobe company has 5 different configuration options for this.

The idea for adding an additional rod is to make it possible to separate everything so that more will fit and also be easily accessible for mixing and matching outfits.

Tuck and fold:

Many different clothing materials can be folded much smaller without causing a great deal of wrinkles. Some clothing can actually be rolled up nice and tight, leaving room to tuck away other items that are not needed.

Creativity and imagination

Extending your imagination for the use of hooks, hangers and an assortment of rings will make it possible for organizing scarves and other small items. You can take your creativity even further by adding additional shelves overhead.

The use and design of your space is only limited by your imagination. Use it well and it will serve you well.

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